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Manchester University's Exercise Science and Athletic Training Department is raising money to support our students and provide things such as equipment and computer software. In addition, these funds will give students the opportunity to attend professional conferences where they can learn more about careers and talk with professionals in their field.

Donations are applied to...

Donations are applied to promoting professional networking for our students. Students will have more opportunity to attend conventions, symposiums and obtain specialized certifications. Funds will also be used for purchasing fitness equipment that students and faculty can use for research, teaching and performance.

Personal Message

Thank you to all alumni for your continued support of the Exercise Science and Athletic Training Department. Our department continues to thrive with the collaboration and financial support our alumni offer on a daily basis. Department chair Jeff Beer would like to personally thank all who push for advancement, inclusion and new ways for our department to grow and move forward.

Why are donations necessary?

Donations are necessary for growth of the student experience. The Exercise Science and Athletic Training Department is looking to increase opportunities for our students and we need alumni help. With limited budgets, we look for ways to raise additional funds and strengthen the learning experience for our students.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!